Our Core Team

The Awesome Trainers

Jun Ooi

Jun is an avid promoter of company management systems. Her enthusiasm reflects in her qualification in various ISO system, GMP, GDP, HSCCP to name a few. Beside running her own company, she’s also appointed by several reputable auditing firm as Lead Auditor.

Her expertise has helped many companies to achieve greater heights in management system over the years.

She’s also a member of toastmasters international. You may also find her actively organizing events and participating in debate competitions of Junior Chamber International.

Jerry Low

Mr. Jerry Low carries with him a vast experience in a diverse range of fields from engineering, insurance to event management. Having graduated from Monash University with degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering (Hons), Mr. Jerry has served at Intel as a Technical Engineering Lead, a risk management consultant with Great Eastern and as a Director with Epicure Events.

Over the years, Jerry has used his experience and expertise to help many companies to set up quality management system to meet ISO 9001:2015 standards. He has also participated in numerous internal audits as well. He is a certified Competent Communicator from Toastmaster International , U.S.A.

In his personal time, Jerry is an origami enthusiast and a big fan of movies.

Kent Ng

Kent Ng has more than 20 years of experience in information technology. Over the years, he has worked with multinational companies such as IBM, Cisco, CheckPoint, Symantec and Fortinet. With 3,000 audit days accumulated, Kent is a very experienced auditor.

Having settled himself in Kuala Lumpur, Kent came from Sabah.

Cikgu Wong

Cikgu Wong has been consulting, lecturing, training and facilitating for the last 13 years in the areas of safety & health consultation and coaching to corporate clients through Key Result Areas (KRA), Key Performance Indicators (KPI) & safety & health related subjects. He has conducted over 1000 in-house training workshops for both multi-nationals and local corporations involve in both service and manufacturing sector. Cikgu Wong also the Guest Speaker for NIOSH and received his Gazette Lieutenant from DYMM Agong in 1991.


Eu Sze Bein

After 17 years in the food industry, Sze Bein felt that she’s ready to accept new challenges. In her employment journey she has been progressed from Food Technologist to Quality Manager, Food
Safety Manager, Snack Production Manager and finally Factory Manager. So, she understand the food business inside out.

She’s a Penangite through and through, so naturally she’s a foodie too.